Crypto Ravers drops the Hard Way EP by the Big Boss of Galeria NFT, Ordonez

The Hard Way EP:

Galeria NFT big Boss Ordonez comes back to the NFT dance floor with 2 new tracks charged with lots of power.

The A side The Hard Way it’s a house banger ready to rock the clubs around the globe, heavily influenced by Afro American Blues it’s one of those few tracks that can merge dance music + feelings into the same tune

The B side comes from the Latin American background of Ordonez, El Oriente fuses Salsa samples it with a minimal tech vibe that it’s really unique and not usually heard around the clubs


Crypto Ravers is the first House Music Record Label in the blockchain, combining triple A house tunes with collectible Pixel Ravers to put out a massive hybrid between music and visual arts.

The Producers:

Ordonez: Ecuadorian house music DJ & producer for over 20 years, his music has been played by some of the biggest names out there like Claptone, Mark Knight, Shiba San, Roger Sanchez, Sam Divine, Fedde Legrand and many others.

His music got him to play around the world in the main capitals for EDM like Amsterdam (ADE), Miami (WMC) Barcelona (Off Sonar), Berlin, Mexico DF and many more

Crypto Ravers: Take Your Pills

A huge party it’s coming to WAX, the CRYPTO RAVERS Blendable EP it’s coming out on October, so we want you to TAKE YOUR PILLS and prepare to DANCE!! .

Collect your favorite Crypto PIll or even try to get the elusive ALIEN or WAX PIlls

(Crypto XTC Pills would be used for the blends with the CR collection so grab your stash)

Card Chances

πŸ’ŠCrypto Ravers Release 100%
πŸ’Š Common 61%
πŸ’Š Uncommon 32%
πŸ’Š Rare 5.5%
πŸ’Š ALIEN PILL 0.5% 🀯


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