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Hi, there amigos!. We are getting ready to party with our REWARDS.

Friday, Dec 3rd – Collectors of Crypto Ravers complete tracks (no matter the rarity) will receive an airdrop NFT with an exclusive DJ set by Ordonez containing the four tracks from our Blendable EP collection. (it’s an 1 hour set so it might take some time to load)

In case new people blend the complete tracks we will check back on Tuesday for a second drop

Tuesday, Dec 7th – Collectors of more than 2 of our higher rarity tracks (Golds & XTC) will get the Custom Rarity Tracks ( I will do this manually so collectors with the highest rarity tracks will be getting the lowest mints)

Tuesday, Dec 7th – #1 mint of the Decentralized Custom track will be sent to Burst Of Energy (he is the Crypto Raver in the NFT and also a big supporter of our Galeria)

  • #1 mints of the Bitcoin Pill, Wax Pill and Euro pill will be dropped to collectors in the future (i haven’t decided what the conditions might be for this ones).*

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